Bill Gates Resume Latest 48-year-old shared on social media

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Bill Gates Resume: Bill Gates shared his 48-year-old resume on social media claimed “the resume of today’s youth will obviously be better than his”.

Bill Gates Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in the year 1975.

Bill Gates Resume Picture

Bill Gates Resume
Bill Gates Resume


Bill Gates wrote on LinkedIn that you are either a recent graduate or a college dropout, but your resume will definitely be better than my 48 year old resume.

A resume of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of the list of the world’s richest people, remains the center of discussion on social media these days.

Microsoft’s head billionaire Bill Gates himself has shared this resume on social media.

This 48-year-old one-page resume was used by Gates himself when applying for a job.

In 2000, Bill Gates resigned as the CEO of the company. Although he left his job in 2008 itself, he remained a member of the board till 2020.

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