July 9th denotes the 10th birthday celebration of the BTS Army (explicitly, the authority declaration of its name) 

As Twitter praises the commemoration, Google has delivered another road view explore through its Arts and Culture stage as a team with the band. 

The BTS x Street Galleries show welcomes watchers on a virtual visit through the gathering's #1 craftsmanships.

Every part has organized a virtual display, with their choices put in different public areas that will be exceptionally conspicuous to BTS fans.

J-Hope designed the UN General Assembly, where BTS offered a location and chance a music video last year.

While there are minor errors to a great extent, the experience gives an intriguing gander at every part's imaginative advantages blended in with a sound portion of character. 

Some BTS individuals are known craftsmanship devotees, however others haven't yet been as open about their preferences. 

The Arts and Culture stage incorporates various web-based voyages through renowned displays, as well as other vacation destinations, including the Alhambra and the Pyramids of Giza.