1920 Horrors Of The Heart

1920 Horrors Of The Heart | Latest Movie Review 2023

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1920 Horrors Of The Heart is Vikram Bhatt Production film 1920’s sequel is back and is the the fourth installment of the 1920 series after so long.

1920 Horrors Of The Heart Movie Introduction:

The movie revolves around Meghna, portrayed by Avika Gor, who seeks vengeance against her estranged mother after her father’s tragic demise. Written by Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das, this horror film explores the complexities of a daughter’s mission for retribution. While the movie boasts some chilling moments, it falls short in terms of a well-defined storyline and consistent screenplay. Nevertheless, the talented cast, under the direction of Krishna Bhatt, manages to deliver noteworthy performances. Now, let us delve deeper into the enigmatic world of “1920 Horrors Of The Heart.”


1920 Horrors Of The Heart Review and Analysis:

Meghna, devastated by her father’s suicide, embarks on a path of revenge against her estranged mother, Radhika (Barkha Bisht). Assisted by her deceased father’s guidance, Meghna unravels hidden secrets and incidents that complicate her journey. However, the story fails to clarify certain aspects, such as the purpose of Rahasur (Amit Behl) and the gardener (Arbendra Pratap). Moreover, the motivation behind Meghna’s father seeking revenge from beyond the grave remains unclear. The screenplay exhibits inconsistencies and lacks depth, with romantic scenes feeling out of place amidst the tension and revenge. Nevertheless, some horror sequences manage to provide the desired thrills. Shweta Bothra’s dialogues, though ordinary, serve the purpose adequately.

Avika Gor delivers a commendable performance as Meghna, capturing the character’s turmoil and determination effectively. Ketaki Kulkarni impresses with her natural portrayal of Aditi, Meghna’s stepsister. Rahul Dev provides adequate support as Shantanu, while Barkha Bisht leaves a mark as Radhika. Randheer Rai delivers an average performance as Meghna’s father, Dheeraj. Danish Pandor appears slightly awkward as Arjun, Meghna’s boyfriend. Amit Behl successfully portrays a menacing character as Rahasur, despite the ambiguity surrounding his role. Other supporting actors, including Avtar Gill, Arbendra Pratap, and the rest, offer average performances.

Krishna Bhatt’s direction exhibits promise, particularly considering this is her directorial debut. The cinematography by Prakash Kutty meets industry standards, capturing the essence of the horror genre. Moses Fernandez’s action and stunt scenes contribute to the film’s thrilling moments, while Kuldip Mehan’s editing keeps the pace reasonably sharp. However, Puneet Dixit’s music fails to leave a lasting impact, and the film could have benefitted from haunting melodies that align with its horror theme. Overall, “1920: Horrors Of The Heart” offers an ordinary cinematic experience, relying primarily on the recognition of the 1920 franchise. The movie’s commercial success may be limited due to weak promotion and its routine storyline. Nonetheless, considering the recovery of a significant portion of the investment through digital, satellite, and audio rights, the project’s commercial viability remains intact.



  1. Is “1920 Horrors Of The Heart” a standalone film, or do I need to watch the previous movies in the series?
    “1920 Horrors Of The Heart” is part of the 1920 film series; however, it can be enjoyed as a standalone film. While knowledge of the previous movies may enhance your understanding of the overarching theme, the plot of this installment is independent and does not rely heavily on prior knowledge.
  2. How would you classify “1920 Horrors Of The Heart” in terms of its horror elements?
    The movie contains a blend of psychological horror, supernatural elements, and suspenseful sequences. It aims to create a sense of fear and anticipation, often relying on atmospheric elements and eerie visuals to evoke a chilling experience for the audience.
  3. What sets “1920 Horrors Of The Heart” apart from other horror films?
    While the film follows a revenge-driven plot commonly found in the horror genre, it attempts to explore the complexities of familial relationships and the consequences of unresolved conflicts. Additionally, the movie features atmospheric horror sequences that aim to provide a thrilling and unsettling experience for the viewers.
  4. Are there any standout performances in the film?
    Avika Gor delivers a noteworthy performance as Meghna, capturing the character’s emotional journey and determination effectively. Ketaki Kulkarni also impresses with her portrayal of Aditi, showcasing natural talent. Barkha Bisht leaves a mark as Radhika, while Rahul Dev provides solid support as Shantanu.
  5. Will “1920 Horrors Of The Heart” appeal to audiences beyond horror fans?
    While the film primarily caters to horror enthusiasts, its exploration of human emotions and familial conflicts may resonate with a wider audience. However, due to the movie’s routine storyline and weak promotion, its appeal may be limited to fans of the 1920 franchise or those specifically interested in the horror genre.

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